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Everything You Wanted, and Needed to Know About Wordpre - 15 Aug 2018 11:58


You've likely noticed that there are blogs built with Wordpress that are able to achieve better search engine rankings than your own. It's a fact that Wordpress is one of the best blogging platforms. End of story. The CMS system provided by Wordpress is not only chosen by many for the kind of flexibility it offers, but also because it's the easiest way to get indexed and ranked by the major search engines like Google. It's one platform that comes with high-end features that allow you to optimize your site for the search engines. The best traffic you can hope to get is organic - it is 100% free and targeted specifically to your site's keywords and key theme. Blogs that run on Wordpress and take advantage of the SEO tools that it provides will get better rankings - and traffic - than blogs that don't. There are settings within Wordpress which you can use to maximize the ranking that your website achieves. Every website needs targeted traffic to survive, so Wordpress SEO cannot be underestimated. Read on to learn more about putting the Wordpress SEO settings to work for your site, and how to best utilize them to achieve excellent results.

You need to pay attention to tagging. However, tags are simple to include in your posts, and they aid in the categorizing of your posts so that readers can easily find posts on a certain topic. Apart from this, when going through your blog, search engines use tags to rank your pages. Tags are targeted keywords that aren't too long, usually a word or two. You don't want to have tags that are not related to your post. It needs to be easy to understand and not complicated. The tags will be used by search engines like Google to index your site. It's quite simple to add tags as soon as you've finished writing your post, so you don't want to ignore this step. Maintain a high amount of internal links. Start off by linking related content to each other. Although this can be done manually for greater control, plugins that do this automatically are also available. Use this method to focus attention on a certain page of your site.

You will often find that blogs are rarely categorized. If you add categories to your blog it can appear cleaner and more user friendly. You have to give your visitors a clear idea on finding relevant posts and as well as make it easy for the search engines to crawl and find your content. Which is why it's important that your posts are in order. Maintaining categories makes it easier to place content and for people to find that content. Not only is your category listed within the post, it is also listed in its URL if the permalinks feature is turned on. Since your visitor will always be in a hurry, it's good to give him an idea about your post right in the URL.

When you write some new content, if it has any bearing on earlier material, then link to it. This will keep older content active and also help new visitors. This is most simply accomplished with the use of a plugin that will tag all related content. It will allow you to decide how many linked posts you wish to appear, helping search engines find older content.

If your goals are to have both your readers and the search engines happy, just be sure to use the tips offered in this article.

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